Blind and Bloodshot

by Debrider

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released July 28, 2015

Written, Composed, and Performed by Lia Pisa-Relli

Track 3 "The Wait" written by Built to Spill
Track 4 Interlude "Insomnia" composed by Jack Hubbell and Lia Pisa-Relli

Recorded, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Jack Hubbell

Special thanks to Jack Hubbell and Connor Doyle



all rights reserved


Debrider Washington, D.C.

Sad, dreamy tunes to wash your dirty laundry.

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Track Name: Quarters
Turn every single light off
Make it dark so I can't see
Because I'm blind and bloodshot
This is all too much for me
I've been dragged through dark alleys
Picked apart and torn
I've been left to die in valleys
All alone and left to burn

This skin of fragile glass
Is shattering each day
With the malice and the poison
Of the words I heard you say
With this noose around my neck
Whyd I hope that you would hang?
You're the one who kicks the chair
From beneath my feet to sway

Like a box of puzzle pieces
There's too much to assemble
When my head's beneath your boot
Biting curbs between each tremble
When that spike between my veins
Told me I would be okay
I shook my head and knew
You really took it all away

When the rusted blade moves down
Leaving trails just like a slug
The color made me weak
Pain, release becomes my drug
All you've left me with these days
Is a handful of dried tears
Nothing more is worth my soul
Being killed for two more years
Track Name: Never Leave Me
It's always springtime when were together
It never ever rains or turns December
The colors brighter; with vibrant light
Illuminate the darkest night

And make me laugh; we never ever cry
Well keep on staring
time and space right in the eye
And make our own reality
It could last eternity

The moments freeze at our command
A snapshot, taken of our hands
A speck of dust; a grain of sand

So lead me where the grass is tall
And the world makes us feel so small
Never leave me
I had felt so cold before
But you heal me
Keep me warm

I wanted to meet god
I had so many questions
Who knew there was one
Word I had to mention
Track Name: The Wait
You wait
You wait
You wait for summer
Then you wait for rain

You wait
You wait
You wait for darkness
Then you wait for day

Yeah, you wait
You wait
You wait

And she says patience, darling
Patience, patience
It will come

You wait
You wait
You wait for August
Then you wait for May

You wait
You wait
You wait to get there
Then you wait to play

You wait
You wait
You wait for something
That'll make the waiting worth the wait

And she said patience, darling
Patience, patience
It will come
Track Name: Love Song
I wish I had a compass
I'd navigate this mess
I'd know which way to set my sails
I'd know which way is best
I'd know what's real or make believe
I might keep on that dress

I'd know you didn't mean it
I'd know we weren't a lie
I'd never wonder what went wrong
Or if you even tried

I wish I had a crystal ball
I'd know your words were real
I never let myself believe
That I'm allowed to feel

Wish I'd wake up knowing
what were dreams and what were not
Realities that stain my sheets
Impure and deadly thoughts

I close my eyes and count to ten
Envisioning us clearly
You with yellow eyes and skin
And me holding you dearly
Admiring your failing organs
Knowing what you need
Watching all life leave your gaze
To show me what's beneath
I'm sure it's beautiful inside
Won't you let me see?
I promised you I'd be there
Now you have all of me

I'd hate for you to leave so soon
The fun has just begun
I'm starting to enjoy it all
Watching you come undone
I'd really like to let you leave
But it can't be that way
Because, you see, I lose my life
If you should go away

I never said this would be good
In fact I warned you so
The thing we love will kill us both
And you're the first to go
I hope you rest peacefully
I'll tell them you were great
And soon after I'll join you
And together reach our fate